# Business Security Related Investigation and Support

For business crime, internal investigations, economic espionage, or allegations of wrong-doing, let 4Justice be your solution. 4Justice can tailor services to meet the specific needs of any sized business, including large corporations, mid-sized corporations, small corporations and sole proprietorships. Investigations require thorough fact-finding and expert advice so businesses can take the necessary steps to recover losses and minimize liability. Investigations and follow-up actions pose serious risks to companies and their stakeholders. The risks include damage to reputation; loss of investments, disruption of business operations; exposure to government scrutiny; and potential criminal, civil, and regulatory liability.

Clients can be confident when employing 4Justice in these cases. As retired FBI agents, 4Justice investigators are experienced in handling both criminal and sensitive national security investigations. 4Justice investigators include a former FBI counterintelligence supervisor and a seasoned national security investigator. As a result, 4Justice is uniquely qualified to handle sensitive investigations regarding theft of trade secrets or economic espionage. 4Justice investigators have handled cases involving extremely sensitive situations involving a variety of stakeholders. 4Justice investigators had to navigate the legal and administrative requirements while balancing various stakeholder interests and needs. Many times, 4Justice investigators had to manage the interests of a vital intelligence partner or protect a trade secret, all while ensuring full disclosure was made to relevant fact-finding parties so appropriate action could be taken. 4Justice investigators understand concerns in such situations and adeptly handled stakeholder concerns, while protecting the government’s interests. In these types of engagements, 4Justice investigators act with prudence and professionalism; and consults with clients throughout the process.

4Justice helps clients successfully navigate these issues and promptly resolve matters with minimal business disruption. 4Justice performs the following services:

For those cases that are particularly sensitive or pose serious financial risk, you need the highest professional competence and judgement. 4Justice is your answer. 4Justice is staffed by mature, seasoned, retired FBI agents who have handled many cases professionally, while protecting sensitive information, and bringing about favorable outcomes.

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