# Attorney Litigation Support

Witness Identification, Interview and Preparation
Evidence Acquisition, Securing and Presenting

4Justice supports attorneys in identifying and interviewing witnesses key to your case, conducting critical background research, providing investigative consultations and recommendations, and collecting evidence that prepares clients for favorable outcomes in all types of litigation. This support is based on years of experience with both criminal and civil matters.

4Justice Investigators are retired FBI Agents with years of experience in identifying and interviewing witnesses and securing evidence. FBI investigations are subject to the pressures and reviews of the federal grand juries, federal court, federal and state prosecutors, trials, and appeals. Testimony must be obtained legally for use in court. Evidence must be collected under legal means and properly secured so that it isn’t tainted. Witnesses must be vetted to ensure they are telling the truth; or in the alternative evidence must be secured to attack the credibility of witnesses that have issues with telling the truth. This is stock in trade for FBI Agents who do this on a routine basis. 4Justice has 24 years of FBI Agent experience and have the training and experience that attorneys can rely on in ensuring professional preparation for all litigation and legal disputes.

4Justice provides the following services:

If you need the best in litigation support, 4Justice provides this service. With its staffing of retired FBI Agents, 4Justice investigators have developed witnesses and evidence resulting in successful prosecutions in federal and state courts. These cases were brought using the latest investigative and intelligence gathering techniques as taught by the FBI.