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Litigation Support

Attorney Litigation Support

4Justice provides the following services: conducts witness interviews utilizing extensive experience and training including behavioral analysis techniques and tools, assists attorneys in identifying critical witnesses, identifies and secures evidence according to court proven legal methods, identifies and investigates impeachment information on adversarial witnesses, illuminates relevant issues in financial records, detects and preserves evidence in electronic media which was previously thought to have been destroyed, consults regarding the proper handling of federal, state, and local investigations, consults on strategies of investigation, counterclaims, and defenses in civil and administrative cases, documents the results of investigation for presentation in court or before administrative bodies, and provides testimony in federal, state, local and administrative proceedings as required.
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Background Investigations

Background Check
4Justiceprovides the following services for background investigations: extensive records checks, comprehensive search of social media, Interviews designed to elicit the necessary information, surveillance to support investigative findings, expert analysis of investigative findings, deployment of an array of investigative techniques depending on the specifics of the case, provide a comprehensive and easy to read and understand report of the investigative findings with recommendations for going forward, and polygraphs though our extensive law enforcement contacts.
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Financial Investigations

Financial Investigations
4Justice provides the following services for financial investigations: conducts thorough financial examinations and forensic audits, traces and secures assets, collects electronic, physical, and testimonial evidence, makes recommendations to mitigate risks, documents investigations with professional reports for use in insurance, civil and criminal proceedings, and works with criminal justice and regulatory agencies.
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