# Fraud and Complex Financial Investigations

Fraud allegations come from many sources including employee tips, customer referrals, adverse audit findings, and regulatory compliance reviews. These allegations require immediate attention to preserve evidence, protect assets, ensure legal compliance, defend against litigation, and mitigate risks. If not addressed immediately and effectively, these situations can create additional liability. 4Justice has the skills and experience to handle these situations.

4Justice engagements are handled by retired FBI Agents who have years of experience conducting investigations in situations where the stakes are high, conclusions are heavily scrutinized, and the results must be successful. 4Justice investigators have performed under these high-stress situations with outstanding results. In addition to FBI experience, 4Justice has the highest levels of technical expertise and credentials of Oklahoma City’s investigative and due diligence firms. 4Justice Professionals include a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner. 4Justice’s investigators have handled complex fraud investigations resulting in favorable outcomes. 4Justice’s retired FBI Agents have led and managed some of the FBI’s most successful asset-tracing and forfeiture cases in the state resulting in millions of dollars of recovered assets. Using the latest fraud and money laundering investigative techniques, 4Justice investigators traced assetsand then secured them before they could be further distributed, possibly outside the reach of the FBI. 4Justice’s professionals write detailed reports, have testified in state and federal courts, and have extensive experience in the most complex financial investigative matters.

4Justice provides the following services:

Even in situations where fraud allegations are ultimately determined to be without merit, businesses need an appropriate and professional response to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, receive protection from frivolous litigation, and ensure goodwill among stakeholders. 4Justice assists clients during all phases of investigation, from the initial detection of suspicious activity through resolution, whether the end result is restitution, litigation, an insurance claim, or referral to the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agency.

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