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4Justice is a professional investigations firm created and managed by retired Special Agents of the FBI. A retired FBI Agent is assigned to lead and manage every engagement. When an assignment requires specialized expertise, 4Justice calls on hand-picked experts to fill the specific need. With an active network of former law enforcement and national security professionals, 4Justice provides the expertise and resources required to handle any investigative assignment.

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4Justice has the experience, training, and professional accreditation to handle and manage any security and investigative assignment. 4Justice members are active members of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, Inc. and other professional networks. Through an active network of former law enforcement, national security, and military professionals, 4Justice provides the professional expertise and resources specifically tailored for a client’s individual needs.

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4Justice performs the following security and investigative services:

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Whether protecting your business or loved ones 4Justice has the trained investigators you need to give you that peace of mind you are looking for.

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Experienced 30 years of experience in law enforcement
FBI Society of former Special Agents of the FBI
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